McWhorter Wedding

My husband and I knew that when we got married, we were definitely going to use I Love to Agree, Llc. He and I wanted to honor how we met and what brought us together. When I sat down with Rochelle and her team, they immediately embraced our ideas. They were able to create different options for us on the spot. They also took advantage of the details of the venue such as the color of the wood in the church. We were amazed with the final results. Rochelle, along with her team, executed our vision beyond anything we ever imagined. My husband and I both agreed that things couldn’t have been successful without them.

Brittany McWhorter

Adams Wedding

I could not say enough good things about Rochelle. Since the first day we met her to talk about our wedding I knew that we were in good hands she listened to all our ideas and really made us feel confident about using her services.

We had several meetings over the year that we had to plan. While I was stressing over minor details she was always able to bring me back down to reality and come up with ideas that I didn’t even think about. I loved her designs and the way she incorporated them along with my ideas.

When the wedding day came, everyone around me kept complementing me on how calm I was. That’s because I had full trust in Rochelle to execute all the details as planned. Not only did she execute….she went above and beyond our expectations.

Sharon Adams

Billups Wedding

Billups Wedding

My husband and I were planning our wedding ourselves but we needed a day of coordinator and choosing Mrs. Rochelle and the I Love to Agree team was great decision. I cannot express how amazing Ms. Rochelle and her team are. Since she is also responsible for events at our church we met with Mrs. Rochelle several times prior to our wedding regarding the set up for the wedding ceremony. We also meet with her to give her updates on our timeline. She was very helpful with keeping us on top of things.

Now lets talk about how she turned my day into “A Love Complete”. I am an overly anxious, want to do everything by herself type of woman but for my wedding I did not have to do anything because Mrs. Rochelle had it handled. My mind tends to have me thinking big but my budget is the total opposite, Mrs. Rochelle was able to take my vision and create a simple yet elegant vibe for my wedding. She provided the unity candles, created the ring bearer pillow and the basket for the flower girl. I did not have the privilege of seeing thing unfold but it was worth the wait. From the beautifully draped fabric over the waterfall on the stage for a creative backdrop, to the strategically placed vases with floating candles and petals adorned around them, the unique lighting use to enhance the ambiance and the white rose petals formed into a heart, which met me at the end of the aisle, to symbolize a love complete….everything was perfect. The reception ran smoothly as well, if there were any problems I had no knowledge of them. Mrs. Rochelle and her team are well-organized and thorough. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to make my day feel so complete.

Sharona Billups

Riddick Wedding

Riddick Wedding

To anyone who is considering I Love to Agree:
I highly recommend using their services!

August 10, 2002, was the most enjoyable day of my life. I had a vision of what I wanted for my wedding and Rochelle Hugley helped to bring my dream day to life. I was faced with the challenge of planning a wedding in a city where I didn’t grow up, nor did I have close family to help me out with details. I initially took on the attitude to just do everything myself, but eventually I had to realize that there were so many things I hadn’t thought about. Rochelle was definitely a lifesaver! She was in constant contact with me, taking detailed notes on what I wanted, and what my vision was. She was very good at staying in contact through phone calls, going over check lists of things that still needed to be done and she coordinated details with all of my vendors. Not to mention that it was an additional advantage that she also utilized her own design services on the church decor and other details which was a great cost savings for me. I even had a scare, being in the hospital for two weeks before my wedding, and needless to say, Rochelle was there to help tie up all of the loose ends. My wedding was absolutely beautiful and many have referred to it as the best wedding that they have been to. Our videographer said that we broke the record for number of video sales for one wedding!!!

Rochelle is very professional, organized, and detailed oriented and I have hired her for other social events given my great experience. Not only did I find a great service provider, but I found a friend for life since working with her.

Lesia Riddick

Singletary Wedding

Singletary Wedding

Candidly, I was not the girl who dreamt about her wedding since kindergarten but when my now husband proposed a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me. It was at that moment that I knew only one person could be trusted with my newfound vision – Rochelle and her I Love To Agree, LLC team. Rochelle literally took what I expressed and made into a fairytale-like reality. She understood that I had a budget and worked with my family to make my vision come to life.

As an unconventional bride, I told Rochelle that I wanted a semi-outdoor wedding with a movie theme and dessert bar. She made it happen, complete with a red carpet, movie cutout, step and repeat backdrop, whimsical courtyard, and desserts as far as my little eyes could see. If that isn’t making a dream a reality, I don’t know what is. Her attention to detail made both my ceremony and reception so distinctive that my husband and I will NEVER forget our special day.

Without reservation, I recommend I Love To Agree, LLC to any and every one looking for a caring event planner with an incomparable sense of style.

Singletary Family